SafeMars tax redirection proposal result

Yesterday we launched a proposal to redirect 1% of the SafeMars tax applied on each transaction:

We put up a community vote which passed with 63% approval.

Thank you all for voting! 🎉

What does this mean concretely?

Please read yesterday’s article for an in-depth explanation.

Put simply: this change will provide a steady and significant revenue stream for the project! This will allow us to take SafeMars (and SafeEarth) to the next level. THIS IS MASSIVE! 😃

To kick things off in style, we’re officially announcing…

The SafeMars/SafeEarth Tesla Model 3 giveaway 🎉

We will be giving away a loaded Tesla Model 3 (or cash equivalent)!

To participate, you need to:

  1. Buy at least $200 worth of SAFEMARS or SAFEEARTH (any of them counts, you CAN buy from multiple wallets if you’d like multiple entries)

The competition will run until May 23rd. We will be picking the winner randomly from the entries which satisfy the criteria above and announce it during our Weekly Community AMA on May 23rd 🏅

First tax redirection executed

We’re also happy to announce that we already executed the first tax redirection 🎉

Since we didn’t sell any SAFEMARS, all of the above had NO PRICE IMPACT. On the contrary, we burned about $27k of SAFEMARS, increasing its scarcity 😉

Next steps

We want this competition to be the first of many! We also want the next ones to be bigger. And of course we will enhance and continue executing on our marketing plan and our vision to bring SafeMars and SafeEarth mainstream.

Stay tuned for exciting news and THANK YOU for your support 😘