SafeMars tax redirection proposal

Current situation

  • 2% is redistributed to holders
  • 2% is automatically added to liquidity

But what if we could go BIGGER?

  • we need MASS adoption
  • we need MASS community involvement
  • we need AWESOME technical innovation


  • we have $12 million in liquidity, locked forever
  • more liquidity is auto-added on each transaction (2% of that transaction’s worth)
  • the ticket to the NEWLY added liquidity (in the form of LP tokens) gets sent to the deployer
  • until now the deployer BURNED those LP tokens, thereby locking also the newly added liquidity away forever
  • 1% is added to liquidity
  • 1% is redirected towards other purposes
  • take half of the LP tokens and burn them (thereby locking 1% of the newly added liquidity from tax away forever)
  • take the other half of LP tokens and remove that liquidity from the pool

Wait, remove liquidity, what?!

  • 1% of each transaction’s auto-added liquidity is removed
  • 0.5% of that is BNB we can use
  • 0.5% of that is SAFEMARS that WE WILL BURN 🔥🔥🔥
  • we’ll have BNB to use for big things
  • we’ll burn 0.5% of each transaction thereby further reducing the circulating supply

Ok, how much BNB and what will the BNB be used for?

We’re giving away a Tesla Model 3! 🎉

  • You’ll need to BUY at least $X (to be announced) of SAFEMARS or SAFEEARTH (that’s right, holders of both can participate!)
  • HOLD it for the duration of the competition (no sells)
  • Quote tweet our announcement (not live yet, stay tuned)
  • The competition runs until the budget for the Tesla accrues! That’s right, we don’t have some weird deadline like “we need to reach ATH” or “3 months” or whatever, we will pick a winner as soon as we can pay out the prize! 💪

How to vote?




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