SafeMars & SafeEarth community updates 9 Apr 2021

Dear community,

Two weeks have passed since our last Medium update. Since a lot’s been going on, here’s a recap as well as some plans going forward.


SafeMars has been growing steadily and the token price reached ATH just a couple days ago.

Maybe more importantly, the number of holders has more than doubled 🚀 from 32.500 last time to 76.500 holders now. Regardless of the spot price, the number of holders is a great indicator of project growth and it clearly shows that the only direction is UP! HUGE thank you to all holders, new and old, for your trust and support 😍

We also respected our commitment to list on a centralized exchange and now SafeMars is listed on WhiteBit (ticker SMARS) 🎉 We managed to list AND GO LIVE with trading in record time and before some competitors 😉, mad props to the WhiteBit team for their support and seamless collaboration 💪 If you’d like to start trading on WhiteBit, make sure to read our explanatory announcement first.

On the security side, we’re happy to see the Certik verification complete: SafeMars currently has a score of 89/100, with 98/100 for the smart contract code and 100/100 for the contract bytecode. The general score will improve over time as it depends also on time-sensitive factors e.g. how long the project has been live. We’ll continue working with Certik in the future and want to thank them for their awesome help ✅

We also made some cool updates to our website which now features LIVE STATS so you can see, in REAL-TIME, the token price, liquidity, market cap, number of holders and even charts.

On the marketing side we’ve been pushing hard with several influencers promoting us as well as a great video review by Up Next Crypto:


It’s hard to believe SafeEarth wasn’t even launched 2 weeks ago, at the time of the last community update 😉 Since then we:

  • successfully launched on Uniswap ♻️

Since launch SafeEearth has been growing steadily, having more than 2700 holders at the time of this writing, with a great distribution of tokens!

We also updated the SafeEarth website and it now includes a great introductory video: Speaking of videos, Up Next Crypto also covered SafeEarth in an awesome video: 🚀

Of course, probably the biggest event so far for SafeEarth, besides the actual launch, was the FIRST CHARITY DONATION! We organized a live special event on our Telegram channel and we donated OVER $100 000 to The Ocean Cleanup

As part of the event we also:

We’re incredibly grateful to have been able to donate this amount towards saving our planet, thank you to all who traded SafeEarth, YOU made this possible! ❤️

We’re also looking forward to MORE donations, the EarthFund has already amassed more then 60 ETH!!!

Team updates

On the team side, we grew as well! Whereas last time we had 8 people in the team, we’re now 15!

We feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have had this team organically come together and gel so well. We have some amazingly talented people doing crazy good work, bringing positive energy and overflowing with brilliant ideas.

It’s important to note that EVERYONE in the team works on a voluntary basis. We’re ALL invested, but we’re not PAID. We work on the projects because we believe in them. Rest assured, we’ll continue bringing good stuff to the projects and to you 😉

What’s next?

We have quite a lot of things lined up and we’re doing our best to stick to our core roadmap (published on our websites) as well as extra things along the way 😜

Without going into too much detail, here are some of the points we’ll be focusing on next


We have an amazing opportunity with SafeMars and an equally amazing one with SafeEarth. We’ll be working to promote them as much as possible.

We’re talking with some MAJOR influencers as well as mainstream news organizations (especially on the SafeEarth side) to get the knowledge out.

We’ll also be conducting targeted advertising campains on major websites, so expect to see our banners fly high when browsing your favorite websites.

Our talented videographers are also working on some insane surprises that we’ll reveal asap 😉


We want to audit also SafeEarth so that investors are 100% worry-free. We will also continue regular burns of LP tokens (for SafeMars) and liquidity locks on (for SafeEarth), you can check them all publicly on the blockchain explorers.

We also plan to publish the team profiles on our websites. Some of our team members will stay anonymous, some will go public, depending on their personal choice, which we respect. Regardless, it will be clear who’s in the team, what roles they have and how to contact them.


Work is continuing on Marswap, in its advanced stages, and we hope to unveil it very soon 😉


So far the EarthFund (which accrues 2% of SafeEarth taxes) has been used for SafeMars buybacks and charity donations. The donations WILL CONTINUE indefinitely, however the community has been vocal about the buybacks and how they benefit only SafeMars.

Now that the first round of SafeMars buybacks has been done, we’re thinking on how to balance future ones so they benefit both projects. We will put up a community vote VERY SOON to offer the chance to change this. We personally believe that while buybacks are good, there are other perhaps better opportunities to spend these funds that would offer a far greater return for both projects. If you have ideas let us know at


Now that SafeMars is successfully listed on WhiteBit, we will take the learnings from this experience and apply them to list on other exchanges as well. We are looking at several, stay tuned for updates.


We’re also thinking on what the next step in the ecosystem will be. We have several ideas that we’re mulling over, some public (like NFT staking), some secret we can’t disclose as yet. Stay tuned 📺

Closing words

It’s hard to believe SO MUCH has happened in the 2 weeks since our last update.

Both SafeMars and SafeEarth showed incredible growth and this is all due to the team’s hard work and the AMAZING community behind us! We already have more than 22.000 members in our Telegram channels! We are beyond thankful and humbled, thank you all 🙏

Please continue to believe in us and support us going forward. Please continue to spread the word about the projects. Stay positive, stay focused. We’ll do the same. And remember, any question you might have, we’re always there for you on Telegram, join us! 😍