SafeMars Certik Full Audit — Complete!

  • NO (zero) critical issues 🎉
  • 1 (one) major issue (although it’s actually a good thing, read below to find out why)
  • Several minor issues (of no consequence to the actual working smart contract)

Audit results

Liquidity pools recap

  • anyone can add liquidity to it (in the form of a SafeMars/BNB pair of tokens)
  • when adding liquidity, you get back a “ticket” (in the form of a LP token) with which you can remove liquidity later if you want

…a good thing

  1. Contract auto-adds liquidity to V1, we get the “ticket” (LP tokens) 🎫
  2. We use the “ticket” to remove the newly added liquidity from V1 (and ONLY the newly added liquidity, we CANNOT remove the old/locked on, that will stay in V1 FOREVER!)
  3. We add this liquidity to V2 💧
  4. We BURN the “ticket” (LP tokens) so that the newly added liquidity is locked forever in Pancakeswap V2 🔥





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