SafeE(ar)th — remembering Earth

It’s now more than a week since we launched SAFEMARS, an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol on Binance Smart Chain.

We had a smooth launch but weren’t ready to rest so we kept working and:

We also made a roadmap for the whole year for SAFEMARS which you can find on our website. There are many, many exciting things coming…

We will continue working on SAFEMARS and expanding the ecosystem and benefits to our holders. Along those lines, we also kept thinking what could be the next BIGthing we can do that would both have a lasting impact and benefit the SAFEMARS community. I am now proud to reveal…


While Binance Smart Chain is amazing due to its low latency and very low transaction fees, we can only recognize that Ethereum is the world’s dominating blockchain, with Uniswap as the leading DEX. So we set up to offer people transacting on ETH the chance to join us and be part of our mission.

I want to make it extra-clear, this doesn’t change the roadmap and our efforts on SAFEMARS in any way, on the contrary, it will help boost the SAFEMARS liquidity and price floor, read on to find out how…

How does SafeE(ar)th work?

However, we also made some slight tweaks:

  • every transaction is still taxed with 4% (same as SAFEMARS)
  • 1% will go to holders, instantly and gaslessly, simply hold SAFEEARTH to get more SAFEEARTH tokens
  • 1% will be auto-locked into liquidity forever
  • 2% will be used a bit differently, read on to find out how…

Spending the tax where it really matters

That’s why we will donate 1% of each transaction to charities that are dedicated to saving our planet!

The exact charities will be decided by community vote and we will transfer the funds regularly (most likely monthly) to them. We can decide, as a community, to donate to one charity or multiple charities and can decide which they are every month.

We feel that this will empower the community to feel that we’re giving something back to our ancestral home as well as have the enormously rewarding feeling that we are contributing to making Earth a safer place!

How does this benefit SAFEMARS holders

If you’ve been reading carefully, you might have noticed that we still have 1% of the transaction tax left, that hasn’t been used anywhere.

This 1% of the transaction tax will be used to regularly BUY BACK SAFEMARS tokens and add liquidity to SAFEMARS on BSC. This way benefits from SAFEEARTH flow back into SAFEMARS and its holders, as the floor (and spot) price of SAFEMARS will continuously increase.

To deter speculators, the buybacks schedule will NOT be announced.

So, as a SAFEMARS holder there are two things you can do to benefit from SAFEEARTH:

  1. Simply hold SAFEMARS and watch it appreciate as we will market buy it with the taxes from SAFEEARTH.
  2. Consider getting SAFEEARTH as a token on the Ethereum blockchain that could potentially have the same explosive growth as SAFEMARS.

Tokenomics and launch

  • 50 ETH private sale: whitelisted addresses only. FILLED!
  • 50 ETH public sale: for the general public, on a First Come First Serve basis. Date and time: 27th March, 20:00 UTC. Minimum contribution 0.5 ETH maximum 1 ETH. Join our Telegram channel for details.

We will launch on Uniswap directly after the public presale is completed.

Total Supply: 1 000 000 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH (same as SAFEMARS)
Private sale: 125 000 000 000 000, 1 ETH = 2 500 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH
Public sale: 125 000 000 000 000, 1 ETH = 2 500 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH

Liquidity: 80 ETH + 200 000 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH, 1 ETH = 2 500 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH (same starting price as presale)

Remaining tokens: 550 000 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH

After-launch BURN: 450 000 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH

Dev/Marketing wallet: 100 000 000 000 000 SAFEEARTH

See you soon

We also very much look forward to flowing benefits from SAFEEARTH back to SAFEMARS holders, by regular buybacks and liquidity locks.

And of course, we look forward to contributing towards saving our planet, while at the same time continuing our mission to Mars!

Please join our Telegram Channel or visit to find out more.

Note: as with any cryptocurrency, investment is high risk, please dyor and only invest what you can afford to lose.