Fellow martians,

We are pleased to announce that Certik has now completed the Full Audit of SafeMars: funds are SAFU! 💪

The audit reveals:

  • 1 (one) major issue (although it’s actually a good thing, read below to find out why)
  • Several minor issues (of no…

Yesterday we launched a proposal to redirect 1% of the SafeMars tax applied on each transaction: https://safemarscrypto.medium.com/safemars-tax-redirection-proposal-fb1a10cc7ace

We put up a community vote which passed with 63% approval.

Thank you all for voting! 🎉

What does this mean concretely?

Please read yesterday’s article for an in-depth explanation.

Put simply: this change will provide a steady…

Last evening in our community AMA, besides unveiling our refreshed SafeMars website, announcing competition winners and burning 1 Trillion SafeEarth, we also launched an idea…

…what if we redirected 1% of the transaction tax towards other purposes?

Current situation

As you might be aware, every SafeMars transaction is taxed with 4%:

Dear community,

We are now exactly 2 weeks later from our last community update. And wow! It’s been an insane 2 weeks!

SafeMars Retrospective

Can you believe that 2 weeks ago, SafeMars had 76.000 holders? And now… 320.000?! Three hundred twenty thousand holders! 😍

Also, our community Telegram now counts over 40.000…

Dear community,

Two weeks have passed since our last Medium update. Since a lot’s been going on, here’s a recap as well as some plans going forward.


SafeMars has been growing steadily and the token price reached ATH just a couple days ago.

Maybe more importantly, the number of holders

27th of March 2021

Dear community,

Thank you for your amazing support! The past few days have been crazy and you have been awesome! 🙏

We’d like to start a series of regular updates on our progress as we’re aware sifting through a Telegram channel with more than 11.000 …

It’s now more than a week since we launched SAFEMARS, an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol on Binance Smart Chain.

We had a smooth launch but weren’t ready to rest so we kept working and:

  • launched our redesigned website
  • reached more than…

Hello world and space!

Safemars successfully launched on Binance Smart Chain just a few days ago. It was an absolute blast off!!! 🚀

We did everything fairly and transparently, to make sure the project is 100% safe for investors:

Safe Mars

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